Planning Board Meeting Agenda – 7/10/18


Tuesday,  July 10, 2018

                7 pm

Roll Call – Appointment of alternates if needed.

Minutes – Review minutes of the June 2018 meeting.

Old Business:

Business: Avanru, Jack Franks, Building C on the original plan, Lot 1, where the Co-op was going to go: Public Hearing for a commercial building. Public Hearing postponed until August. Mr. Franks will here for an update.

New Business:

Master Plan: Lisa Murphy from Southwest Regional Planning will here to talk about Master Plan update.

Subdivision. Joe DiBernardo

Subdivide off a Class VI town highway. State Statute says you can not build off a Class VI without permission from the Selectboard and recording a notice of waiver. This lot is not intended to be developed and will merely be a wood lot for recreation. Therefore, we are trying to subdivide it with the classification “NOT TO BE DEVELOPED”. Mary McMahon property, Whipple Hill. Lot #2 is located at the southern boundary of the parcel. It will be 14.44 acres leaving the remainder at 143.13 acres. Public Hearing in August.

Solar Ordinance: Look at one ordinance from Hollis and info from NH Municipal Association.

Next regular meeting Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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