Planning Board Agenda

Roll Call – Appointment of alternates if needed.

Minutes – Review minutes of the July 2018 meeting and Workshop minutes..

Old Business:
Public Hearing: Avanru Development Group, Jack Franks, Amend Site Plan, Retail Store Front, Map 12, Lot 1, 504 Main Street. Commercial District. Submitted were: Previously approved site plan, Recorded As-Built survey, Amended Site Plan with landscaping Design, Architectural Drawing, Floor Plan and Elevation, ACT permit, Photometrics with cut sheets.

Public Hearing: Two-Lot Subdivision Mary McMahon – 58 Adams Lane of Whipple Hill Road. Mary is proposing to subdivide off a lot of 14.48 acres labeled “NOT TO BE DEVELOPED” leaving a remainder of 143.09 acres with Tax Map No. 3 Lot No. 1. Parcel is located in the Timberland and Rural Agricultural Districts. Lot #2 of 14.48 acres is accessed solely by a class VI town highway.

Public Hearing: Three-lot Subdivision: Rascal Baby, LLC is proposing a Lot Line adjustment off Valley Road. This adjustment involves 3 lots of record all owned by Rascal Baby, LLC. Tax Map No. 13 Lot No. 51 will expand from 0.55 acres to 6.45 acres. The additional land is being taken from Tax Map No. 13 Lot No. 50. Tax Map No. 13 Lot No. 50 is acquiring 2.18 acres from Tax Map No. 11 Lot No. 29 giving Lot No. 50 a total area of 21.13 acres. Tax Map No. 11 Lot No. 29 is being reduced to 18.66 acres after adjustment.

Public Hearing for Subdivision for Hooper Golf Course and property will be held in September after the ZBA hearing this month for a variance.
Request for a Public Hearing for a Recommendation to the Planning Board for a Special Exception. Commercial business in a rural/ag district, Map 4 Lot 3-6 on Route 12 where the flea market was held. Mr. Joe Sawyer would like to lease his land to Andrew MacIntyre to store tractor trailer trucks and a couple of pickup trucks for his trucking business.

Next regular meeting Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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