Zoning Board Agenda –

Note the starting time of 7:00 PM. – Lil

Agenda for Zoning Board of Adjustment

Wednesday,  September 19, 2018

Walpole Town Hall

7 pm

Roll Call: Appointment of alternates if needed.

Minutes: Review minutes.

Old Business:

Continuance of Public Hearing for a Special Exception: Commercial business in a rural/ag district, Map 4, Lot 3-6 on Route 12 where the flea market was held. Mr. Joe Sawyer would like to lease his land to Andrew MacIntyre of Westminster, VT to store tractor trailer trucks and a couple of pickup trucks for his trucking business.

Continuance of Public Hearing for a Special Exception to allow a commercial business for an auto repair shop in the Industrial Park. Tax Map 1 Lot 3-7: Peter Dexter, owner of DBA Dexpart, requests a Special Exception to move his auto repair business into another building in the Industrial Park. The building was previously used for production of modular home components by Bensonwood Homes and originally was where platform tennis courts were made.

Public Hearing in October for a Variance for a shed at 25 School St. Colleen Canedy. Map 19 Lot 59. The 20-foot side and back setbacks are not possible because of the size of the lot.

New Business: D&C Transportation request for a Public Hearing for a Special Exception in a rural/ag district for a gas station/convenience store on Route 12 next to the veterinary hospital.

List: Make a list of items an applicant applying for a Special Exception needs to bring to a Public Hearing.


New amended Site Plan

Next meeting Wednesday,  October 17, 2018

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