Happenings at Hooper Golf Course

The Sept 15th Fireman’s Fund golf tournament was a great success raising needed money for the volunteer fire department and providing a playful day building camaraderie. The format of play was a four person scramble where the best of four shots is chosen at each shot point. But a twist was added that involved the opportunity to purchase for $20 an envelope permitting each player (who paid the $20) a one-time chance to further advance the ball without counting a stoke either by throwing it, kicking it, or doing a shot over (aka mulligan) and there also was a 30 inch string where one could move the ball that amount but not into the cup. The winning team, Mike Davis, David Howell, Dave Johnson, and Patrick Neal shot (kicked and threw) a 17 under par 54.

The Hooper Golf Course is now accepting memberships for 2019. If you join now, the rest of 2018 is free. The proposed fee schedule is as follows:

Junior – 17 & Under – $100

18-25 – $200

26-35 – $350

36 & Up – $575

Weekday Only $400

Dual Membership $300

Couple $1000

Family $1,100

Green Fees –


9 Holes – 20

18 Holes – 35


9 holes $25

18 Holes $40

For more about Hooper visit our website: www.hoopergolfcourse.com.

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