Tamales for Sale – order by 4/10/19

This would seem more my style. No embarrassment about lack of art or athletic talent. After all, we can all eat! – Lil
Tamales by Mrs. Andrade!


If you’ve ever seen Miguel’s lunch,

you know you want some!  


Now is your chance! Mrs. Andrade

is making Tamales to order to help support Science Olympiad.


Name: _________________________


Phone:  ________________________


Email:  _________________________




Number of Tamales:  _____________


Spicy (#) _________  Mild (#) ________


Payment:  ______________________




Order form:  


5 for $13.00  

10 for $25.00





Order by: Wednesday, April 10th

Pick up at Walpole School on: Friday, April 12th


Just take them home and warm them up!


Return form with payment to Michelle Whitney at Walpole School or email klewis@sau60.org to place order.



2 thoughts on “Tamales for Sale – order by 4/10/19

  1. Eric Merklein 04/01/2019 at 7:50 AM Reply

    Hi Lil.

    Do you know who the check should be made out to for the tamales?

    Thanks much.



    • Lil 04/01/2019 at 7:52 AM Reply

      I plan to make mine to the Walpole School. If it is other than that, they will take care of it.


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