BiCentennial Invitation

The following Invitation has been extended from our representative, Lucy Weber. Lil

Attention all history buffs:


June 2-8 will mark the 200th year of the New Hampshire State House.  You probably know that our state house has the longest record of both chambers still occupying the their original chambers—ours date back to 1819.  To mark the occasion, each day will have a different theme. From opening ceremonies and reenactments in costume and tours on June 2, to roundtable discussions and reminiscences with Governors, Executive Councilors and members of the press corps, to a Supreme Court Argument, there is something for everyone.  


A special invitation goes out to former legislators to attend a Homecoming picnic on Thursday the 6th.  If you are attending, please let the House Clerk (271 awaits.-2548) know in advance so there is plenty of food.


Wednesday the 5th will be Cultural Heritage and Arts Day on the lawn, and Friday the 7th will feature a NH Handmade Street Market.


Saturday the 8th will be more State House tours.  The dome is gleaming and the newly restored Senate Chamber with Barry Faulkner murals.


A full schedule of events can be found at . 


Hope to see you there!

Lucy Weber


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