Hooper Trustees Meeting Minutes – 5/23/19


Hooper Trustees Present:    Steven Dalessio (Chair); Peggy Pschirrer; Cheryl Mayberry


CALL TO ORDER:  Mr. Dalessio called this Hooper Trustees meeting to order at 7:55 PM.



HOOPER TRUSTEES MEETING – May 16, 2019:  Mrs. Pschirrer moved to accept the Minutes of the Hooper Trustees meeting of May 16, 2019, as submitted.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  With Mrs. Pschirrer, Ms. Mayberry and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the Minutes were approved.



Hooper Search Committee Update:  The Search Committee met today from 4:00-to-5:30 PM.  Ms. Mayberry attended the meeting and felt it went well. Sam Jacobs could not attend due to a previous commitment. The leading qualities desired in an applicant were determined. The committee conducted a first review of the five applications received. Four are to be interviewed.  Phone interviews are to start next week on either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and/or the following Tuesday. They hope to do two interviews on each day. The chair was to touch base with Sam Jacobs. The committee would like to use the Selectboard Office for the interviews since a speaker phone and large table are readily available. The interviews would be scheduled from 4pm or later.


The committee wanted to know about salary and benefits since this topic could come up during the interview process. The salary range for the Hooper Institute Director was discussed at the April 25, 2019 Hooper Trustees meeting. The consensus was that the range would be between $40-$45,000.  Employee benefits such as paid time off, health care, and dental would be extended to the full-time position.


There was a discussion regarding retirement benefits. Mrs. Pschirrer was to follow-up on questions raised by the Trustees. Ms. Mayberry would like to see a hiring package that is competitive in order to attract educators who currently have retirement benefits. Mr. Dalessio agreed.


The Trustees reviewed changes, over the years, to the terms of the Hooper Will and Trust. In 1995, there were significant changes to the trust per Mrs. Pschirrer.


Ms. Mayberry confirmed that the deadline for submitting applications for the director position. None shall be accepted after May 24th. There was one application attributed to the ad in the Keene Sentinel. It was unknown where the other applicantsheard about the open position.


Mrs. Pschirrer moved to adjourn this Hooper Trustees meeting.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  With Mrs. Pschirrer, Ms. Mayberry and Mr. Dalessio in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 8:13 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Downing, Recording Secretary Pro Tempore


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