Zoning Board Workshop Meeting Minutes – 7/15/19

Present: Chair Jan Galloway Leclerc, Bob Anderson, Ernie Vose, Pauline Barnes, Tom Murray.


The purpose of the meeting was to take a look at the recently printed Avitar map of the zoning districts in Walpole and see how it coordinates with the descriptions of the zoning districts mentioned in the document titled Walpole Zoning Ordinances.  The group decided to start at the beginning with Residential A.


The first description is:

“1. 250 feet back from edge of highway on either side of Hitchcock Road, from the Commercial District on the north and from the Residential, Type B, on the south to 2,000 east of intersection of Whitney (Old Cheshire Turnpike) and Alstead (Whitcomb) Roads.”


A small colored area in the top right hand section of the Avitar map indicates this location. Hitchcock Road is now Alstead Center Road. The problems were that the districts were crossed and the distances incorrect. This problem was repeated time and time again. In the commercial area the area on the west side of the road was not designated rural/ag after the 250 feet from the highway. 


A map created by Emily Horton-Hall at Antioch University New England created for the Planning Board in May 2012 and revised in 2012 was found to be a better map designating zoning districts than the Avitar map. Two of the problems with this map is that there an inset of the entire town in the bottom right corner and the name of the Town in the upper right hand corner that hides a portion of the map of the entire town.


A copy of the original 1968 zoning ordinance was found and it was noted that there were a couple of errors in some of the amendments of the current 2019 document. For example, on page 12, number 6, there is a description of the commercial district in the village. In the original copy Union Street is mentioned as a boundary but it is not included in the 2019 version.


Ms. Leclerc will return the Avitar map to the Town Offices and point out some of the errors and hopefully Avitar can correct them.


Another concern is the listing of districts on the tax maps. Avitar states the use of the property not the district it is in as the location of the property. There should be a listing of the actual district the property is in and a notation of the use if it’s different than allowable uses in that district. The way it is currently listed can be misleading, especially to real estate agents or people unfamiliar with the zoning districts in Walpole.


Respectfully submitted,

Marilou Blaine

ZBA Secretary


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