Clarion Now On-line

The August issue of the CLARION now on-line, and should be in the mail by the end of Monday, 29 July, to all residents of Walpole, North Walpole and Drewsville. By clicking on the link below you can take a look, and also share with out of town friends by providing them the link. 


The issue starts off, What’s Happening – An Editorial. I hope everyone takes take to read through, and takes heed of the action I recommend. Sadly, very few residents watch what is going on in Town, attend meetings, and speak up. That did happen the last year, and the threat of a gas station was stopped. But at a recent Planning Board meeting when there were, lets say a contentious dialogue between a local developer and the board, sadly I and only one other non-participant for the meeting were in attendance. I later, for the record, presented my dismay with the meeting at the 11 July Select Board meeting, which you can read on on

Please get involved with Town affairs.

Deadline for the September 2019 issue is Friday, 23 August. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Thank you, yours, RAY, Publisher

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