Planning Board Agenda – 8/13/19

Tuesday,  August 13, 2019 — 7 pm

Minutes – Review minutes of the June meeting.

Old Business:

Public Hearing: 

Amended site plans of Phase II Abenaki Spring: Map 12, Lot 13-4, 17 Avery Lane, addition of 1,056- square-foot office and maintenance building.

New Business: Gary Eucalitto, representing Dollar General, will be here to answer questions about the site plans for the store at Map 12, Lot 13, corner Red Barn Lane and Main Street.

Caribou Realty LLC requests a Public Hearing for September 2019 for a Boundary Line Adjustment for property on Old Keene Road. Map 18, Lot 18 and 19.  Previous owner was Mark Putnam. Caribou will need a variance for a setback problem at the back of the lot.

Talmadge, Sam Mac Neil Boundary Line Adjustment, North Road. Map 10 Lot 24-2-1 and 24-2. Request for a Public Hearing.

Ralph Smith wants to turn a garage into living space for his grandson.

Discussion: Planning Board Rules of Procedure – corrections, additions. Please bring your copy with you of the corrections and additions you have made.

Coming up in September Master Plan: Lisa Murphy, senior planner at Southwest Regional Planning Commission, will be at the meeting to discuss the Transportation and Population sections of the Master Plan. You should all have copies of her previous changes to this section. If not, let me know and I will get a copy to you.

Workshop: August 24 meeting.

Handout: RSA 91 about recordings and minutes. Discussion.

Next meeting: August 13, 2019

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