The September issue of the CLARION is now on-line, for you to see before your Labor Day weekend festivities begin. It will be in the mail to all residents of Walpole, North Walpole and Drewsville by the end of this week. By clicking on the link below you can take a look, and also share with out of town friends by providing them the link. 



Hopefully you will enjoy my article, Inside Great River Hydro, and then read this month’s “Did You Know That…” for more history of the Bellows Falls Canal and “the island” leading up to the construction of the hydroelectric plant in 1928. And, throughout this month’s 24 pages there is a wide variety of things to read about.

Deadline for the October 2019 issue is Saturday, 21 August. Have a safe holiday weekend. Thank you, yours, RAY, Publisher