North Walpole Village District – 9/3/19


Minutes of the Board of Commissioners

 Patrick Kiniry, Melissa Colburn, Celeste Aumand

Office Tel: 603-445-2453


Commissioners:   Patrick Kiniry, Melissa Colburn, Celeste Aumand


Attendees:  Bob McGuirk, Water; Bill Crawford, Fire Melissa Colburn out on maternity leave.


Commissioner’s Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm, September 03, 2019. 

Minutes of August 27 2019, Motion by Com Kiniry, Seconded by Com Aumand to approve Minutes as written. Two in favor.



Chief presented an invoice for $ 1,216.00 plus August payroll for $3,339.41 approved by motion from Com Aumand, seconded by Com Kiniry.  Two in favor.

Chief advised that deficiencies noted by Safety Committee have been corrected.

Chief noted that three members have signed up to take EMR training in Winchester.

Jason Colburn has completed his SCBA training and has been granted a pay raise.

Two new firefighters have been hired on a probationary basis, they are: Randy Rumrill and Luis Rodriuez.

Janice Crawford has been reassigned a a Rescue Attendant. 

One Air Pak needs to be repaired and one cylinder needs to be repaired.

The Firefigher’s Association and the Chief continue on their quest to purchase an URV for the Village.


Com Kiniry noted that he has received two complaints concerning a North Walpole firefighter traveling at excessive speeds and the unauthorized using his red lights.   Chief will follow up on this complaint.



Bob will be attending  the TCAP/AWWA workshop in Canaan, NH on October 03, 2019.

Bob has ordered bottles for the monthly bacteria tests.



James Cunningham has contacted Com Kiniry and will meet with him on Saturday to retrieve his equipment from the Village garage.


Village has received a copy of the NH Div of Historical Resources regarding the area around the Treatment Building.

Motion by Com Aumand, seconded by Com Kiniry to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 pm, alltwo in favor. 



Meeting Adjourned at 8:15PM.

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