Broadband Committee Meeting Minutes – 9/11/19

Paul Looney, Chair, opened the meeting at approximately 6:30 in the Selectboard office at Walpole Town Hall.  Present were Dick Hill, Steve Grenier, Dennis Marcom, Bob Anderson, Rod Bouchard and Peggy Pschirrer.


Paul Looney showed the group three maps he has prepared showing download speeds.


Bob Anderson reported he had driven around town to check cable availability.  He determined that Route 123-Alstead has cable access as well as March Hill, Watkins Hill, and some of County Road.  Wentworth Road has 8 houses with cable, and it is available just past Bob’s house on Old Keene.

Hooper Road had no cable, nor does Route 12 South.  North River Road has cable; South River Road does not.  


The Comcast File in Town Hall does not have a signed copy of a Cable agreement with Comcast.   The file is primarily filled with letters from Comcast reporting rate changes or services changes but has nothing past early 2018.   The Secretary of State should have a copy of a franchise agreement between Walpole and Comcast.


Rod Bourchard has Comcast contacts he is pursuing.  


We need a map of who is covered to include with our RFP.

We have 400 houses in North Walpole and 1466 houses and PO Boxes.


Check Lists of what we need to do and have.


Rod Bouchard will share lists he has received from bonding Counsel.


We need evidence of the underserved.

Copies of our RFI.

Copy of RFP

Meeting with Selectboard

Public Meeting Minutes

Executive Summary


The County Commissioners have voted to support all towns as they seek broad band services.


Legal Counsel should review our RFP which will be sent to several potential providers: Consolidated, Comcast, Argent, etc.


Committee members will refine Executive Summary, RFP all for next meeting which will be September 18, 2019 at 6:30 in Selectboard office.

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