North Walpole Commissioners Meeting Minutes – 10/1/19


Minutes of the Board of Commissioners

   Patrick Kiniry Melissa Colburn Celeste Aumand

Office Tel: 603-445-2453



Commissioners:   Patrick Kiniry, Melissa Colburn, Celeste Aumand


Attendees:  Bob McGuirk, Water; Bill Crawford, Fire


Commissioner’s Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm, September 24, 2019. 

Minutes of September 24, 2019, Motion by Com Colburn, Seconded by Com Aumand to approve Minutes as written. Three in favor.




Chief presented invoices totaling $1,105.99, approved by motion by Com Colburn, seconded by Com Aumand.  Three in favor.

Chief Presented September payroll for $2,446.29, approved by motion by Com Aumand, seconded by Com Colburn.  Three in favor

Chief noted that department received the loan of 4 strobe lights to be used to deactivate the stop lights in the construction area of Route 12 in case of an emergency.

Due to late filing of run reports, Officers will rewrite the policy requiring reports to be completed immediately.



Water computer shut down again but was brought back on line at end of meeting.  Suggested that Water Operator contact Tech persons to check it out and perhaps replace it.

Due to late arrival of sample bottles, test samples will be taken next week.

Bob noted that the State Sanitary Survey will be conducted on October 16 starting around 10 am.

Bob has talked with our Maintenance person, Jason, and the brush around the East Street reservoir will be cleaned up next week.


Water shut off date of October 19th has been set for residences with unpaid water bills.  Currently there are 19.


Hydrant Flushing will be done on Saturday October 26, starting at 9 am.



Important Meeting October 3, 2019 – 6:00 pm Walpole Town Hall.

NHDOT Representative will discuss the repairs to the Arch Bridge (or as they are calling it the Church street Bridge) between North Walpole and Bellows Falls. 



Wendy Harris, Bellows Falls Trustees have invited the Commissioners to attend their meeting next Tuesday, October 8 at 6:00 pm.


Motion by Com Kiniry, seconded by Com Colburn to adjourn the meeting at 8:00pm, allthree in favor. 



Meeting Adjourned at 8:00PM.

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