Planning Board Meeting Minutes – 10/8/19


Present: Chair Jeffrey Miller, Vice-Chair Dennis Marcom, Secretary-Clerk James Aldrich, Jason Perron, Jeff White, Jeff Harrington, Select Board Representative Steve Dalessio. Alternate: Joanna Andros. Absent: Jeff Colley.


Recording: Marilou Blaine. These minutes are unapproved and will be reviewed at the November 2019 meeting for corrections, additions and/or omissions. 


Meeting Opened: Mr. Miller called the meeting to order at 7 pm. 


Roll Call: A full Board was present so an alternate was not needed to fill in.


Minutes: Mr. Harrington made one correction on page 2 regarding the ZBA hearing on Sept 18th for a variance. He said it was a repetition. A motion was made and seconded to approved the amended minutes and the workshop minutes. The motion carried. 


Voluntary Merger: Ed Nachjaski, 174 Upper Walpole Rd., District rural/ag, Tax Map 12, Lots 42 and 42-1. Merge two lots to make one lot. Mr. Nachjaski explained he wanted to erase the line between Lots 42 and 42-1. He showed a map of the two pieces of property. Mr. Miller asked if he basically want to erase the line, pointing to the line between the two parcels. Mr. Nachjaski said yes. Mr. Marcom asked if he a mortgage on either property. His answer was no. A motion was made and seconded to accept the voluntary merger. The motion carried. Mr Nachjaski had the voluntary merger form filled out with a notary seal. It will be recorded at the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds.


Site Plan for North Walpole: Greg Gay came in to discuss new office space at his site in North Walpole. Mr. Gay explained he wanted to build a one-story office building in the southwest corner of his property – Tax map 27, lot 8 (1). The building will be 30 square-feet-by-70-square-feet. It would also have a basement and about six offices. Mr. Dalessio asked, Wasn’t there an office in the other building? Mr. Gay said that the other building is too loud. The new space is better to transact business. How many employees do you have? Mr. Miller asked. Currently, just himself, Mr. Gay said. Mr. Miller asked if there would be people there just during week days. Mr. Gay said there could be people in there even on the weekend.


It was suggested Mr. Gay go before North Walpole Zoning and ask if zoning allows more than one building on one lot. If you back to the Planning Board, you will need a full set of site plans with lighting and landscaping, Mr. Dalessio said.


Mr. Donald Lennon, co-owner with his brother, Charlie, of Len-Tex Corp., said at first you told us you were going to build a house. You also told the Planning Board it would be a manufacturing business. There’s nothing being built there. What is it? Are you telling the truth or not? Mr. Donald Lennon’s said his concern is that Mr. Gay is  going to have a residential building in the middle of all the industrial manufacturing buildings surrounding that property. He continued that he and his brother have a $2,000,000 investment in Len-Tex and anything that affects that investment is a problem. He said he didn’t think Mr. Gay had any reason to build an office when you have no business going on. This business has not created any new jobs.


Mr. Miller addressed Mr. Donald Lennon saying he would get a chance to say all that at a Public Hearing next month. A motion was made and seconded to hold a Public Hearing for a site plan for Mr. Gay next month. The motion carried. 

Subdivision: Cindy and Michael Hayes. Mr. Hayes brought in a map of the area around Hayes Road, off of Valley Road. It shows Laura Madden owning about 60 acres on Tax Map 13, Lot 3. The Hayes property is Lot 3-2. Cindy and Michael Hayes propose to buy 20 acres from Tax Map 13, Lot 3 and add it to their property. The property is on a Class 5 dirt road has 200 feet frontage.  A motion was made and seconded to have a Public Hearing in December. The motion carried. 


Apartments in North Walpole: Jason Dunbar owns property in North Walpole and several years ago the 1.6 acre residential lot was approved for apartments. The property is 1134 Main Street. Four rental units of two apartments apiece was proposed. The layout was based on property lines. Is this something you will even entertain? Dunbar asked the Walpole Planning Board. Dunbar owns the abutting property, which is the former the former Dunning Office building. And he owns eight units on Kiniry Street that he’s upgrading. This proposed rental units will be two-bedroom worker housing units – two in each building. He’s not sure how many apartments this property can accommodate without being too cramped.


He was advised by the Planning Board that the first thing is to get a permitted use under North Walpole’s Zoning ordinances. He may need to get a variance for the number of units. The next thing is to talk to the North Walpole and Walpole Fire Departments about compliance. The property has town water and sewer. The property was never used for business. He will return at a later date.


Voluntary Merger – Jennifer Hanrahan  – voluntary merger sought for property on Upper Cooper Road.   two separate building lots and some lots behind that property. She wants to merge all the lots together and erase lines to consolidate all properties. Mr. Dalessio said that if the property is large enough, Ms. Hanrahan could put some in current use. Ms. Hanrahan’s property is about 25 acres. She will return with maps and a notarized form next month. Note: If property is mortgaged you have to mention the lender. 


Boundary Line Adjustment: Aloysius Hollingsworth Trust, 48 Old Keene Road, is requesting a Boundary Line Adjustment with neighbor Griffin and Andrea Vickers-Sivret. Tax Map 18, Lot 18 is Hollingsworth Trust property and Sivret’s property is Lot 19. This is a revision to a previous Caribou Realty application. A 331-square-foot-easement will be conveyed to Aloysius Hollingsworth Trust by Griffin Sivret and Andrea Vickers-Sivret. .01 acres to be annex to Tax Map 18, Lot 19 and becomes one continuous lot of record. The .21 acres to be annexed to Tax Map 18, Lot 19 to become on continuous lot of record. 

The property line will be 20 feet from the shed and no variance is needed, making it a conforming Lot.

Mr. Aldrich made a motion to have Public Hearing next month. Mr. Marcom seconded the motion and the motion carried.


October Workshop: Rules of Procedure to be discussed and finalized at a workshop meeting on Oct. 22 in the basement conference room.

Mr. Aldrich made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Marcom seconded the motion and it carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Recording Secretary, Marilou Blaine.

cc: WPB, ZBA, Town Offices, North Walpole Commissioners, Walpolean.

Posted: Inside Town Offices, bulletin board outside Post Office.


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