North Walpole Commissioners Meeting Minutes – 11/12/19


Minutes of the Board of Commissioners

   Patrick Kiniry Melissa Colburn Celeste Aumand

Office Tel: 603-445-2453



Commissioners:   Patrick Kiniry, Melissa Colburn, Celeste Aumand


Attendees:  Bill Crawford, Fire; Bob McGuirk, Water


Patrick Kiniry was not in attendance at tonight’s meeting.


Commissioner’s Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm, November 12, 2019. 

Minutes of November 05, 2019, Motion by Com Colburn, Seconded by Com Aumand to approve Minutes as written. Two in favor.




Chief presented two invoices one for $150.00 and one for $8,369 for the ORV which is on order.  Chief requested permission to park/store the new ORV in the storage/garage with the snow thrower and lawn mower.  Motion by Com Aumand, seconded by Com Colburn to use the storage/garage for the ORV until such time as other space became available.  Two in Favor.

Chief presented a copy of his May 6, 2016 Site Plan Inspection of Mr. Gay’s property on Len-Tex Lane, which shows requirements that Chief Crawford noted needed to be adhered to.  A copy of this report was given to Mr. Gay at that time.  Chief Crawford noted at tonight’s meeting that there were some questions as to the lack of compliance with these requirements.

Next Tuesday Chief Crawford may attend the meeting of UVRESA in Fairlee, VT and not make the Commissioner’s Meeting.


Chief noted that new firefighter, Randy Rumrill was a Certified Diver and was interested in joining the Water Rescue Task Force based in Swanzey, as a member of the NW Fire Department.   Chief would like to know if the Primex Insurance would cover Mr. Rumrill when he was on call with WRTF.


Greg Gay noted that he was looking for a letter from the Commissioners giving him permission to proceed with his new office building project at Len-Tex Lane.  Chief Crawford noted that he needed to meet with Mr. Gay and review not only his plans for the project but to answer some questions regarding his previous project.   They will meet on Monday, November 18, 2016 at a time to be determined.



Bob noted that Keene Gas filled the propane tank on Mountain View and fixed a leak at the propane tank next to the generator on Russell Street.

Reviewed 3rd quarter test results received from Nelson.

Took 4th quarter tests results and sent out today.




Motion by Com Aumand, seconded by Com Colburn to adjourn the meeting at 8:20pm, alltwo in favor. 



Meeting Adjourned at 8:20PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

William H. Moses

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