Fred Marple – 1/10/20

This event had to be postponed so this is your chance. – Lil

Fred Marple in Walpole with his humorous Guide to New England

The Walpole Historical Society will present Yankee humorist Fred Marple and his Guide to New England “for locals and people from away” on Friday, January 10, at 7 pm in the Walpole Town Hall.

Fred will discuss Yankee food, including why we think baked beans and vegetables boiled with a piece of corned beef are fine cooking. He’ll examine Yankee fashion, from the ever-present flannel to rummage sale ensembles. 

Fred will also explain life in a small town, where everyone knows your business – often before you do –and he’ll describe the people who live there, from the cheapskate native to the affluent transplant. 

Fred Marple has appeared on New Hampshire Chronicle, on radio, and in the pages of Yankee Magazine and New Hampshire Magazine. His book Welcome to Frost Heaves was recently published by Islandport Press. He has been called “hilarious,” “a hoot,” and “really smart for a guy his age.” His Yoga for Yankeeshas been viewed over 6 million times on-line.

He is also known as author and songwriter Ken Sheldon from Peterborough.

The event is free and open to all.  Refreshments will be available. (  



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