Deliberative Session – 2/5/20

Hope to see you at this very important meeting to be held at 6:30 at FMRHS. (It’s advisable to come a little early since voters must go through the check list in order to receive a ballot to use when voting.)

The proposed budget for the school district will be presented, deliberated and voted up or down as proposed or amended. Additional warrant articles will be presented and explained but it is no secret, the most important is the one impacting the future of our district.

At the ballot box in March you are being asked to vote yes or no on allowing Charlestown to withdraw from the school district. There are certainly valid arguments on both sides of the issue and the outcome of this vote will have untold impact on the education of our children and our taxes. It’s very important to be as informed as possible before casting that ballot. This meeting is where you will hear the arguments on both sides of the issue that will help decide what you feel is the best course of action.

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