Clarion Now Online

Sorry that the link did not work before. I think it will work now! – Lil

The February 2020 issue of the CLARION is now on-line, for you to see. There is much in this issue that you must be aware of: Town Meeting items; Charlestown Withdrawal background; dances; plays; a train wreck in town; library renovation completion; and, a new community project – TREES – PLANTING AHEAD. Do take some time with this issue, either on-line, or your hardcopy when it arrives in the mail.


Remember THE WALPOLE CLARION is now on Facebook with more news and updates weekly
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The deadline for the March 2020 issue is 21 February. It is your providing articles to share with the Walpole, North Walpole, and Drewsville community that makes the CLARION work. And particularly it is the advertisers that make it happen, so thank them, and patronize them. 
Thank you – yours, RAY, Publisher

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