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    Good morning, Lil.  Today I write with a report and a request.  The fonts went a little funky on me when I dropped in the photos, so please feel free to manipulate in any way that makes it more readable/postable.


Thanks, as always, Lucy


A Report and a Request


Good morning, everyone.  Today I am writing with a report, and with a request.


Yesterday, I had the privilege of touring the field hospital set up in the Spaulding Gymnasium at Keene State College, to be ready in case our existing health care facilities are overwhelmed.  This was a huge collaborative effort, involving the College, Cheshire Medical Center, the City of Keene, the National Guard, and so many others.  This was a working walkthrough, to coordinate how the surge hospital will function if it needs to open.  Those who will be operating the facility talked about everything from the arrival and admission of patients, equipment, how food will be delivered, how the facility will be staffed, janitorial services, mechanical services, everything.  Those who attended hope that no patient will ever need to enter the facility, that we will pass through this storm, and the space will be filled with the sounds of athletic activity again, soon.  But in the meantime, people are ready, and the facility waits.


I cannot describe how odd it is now to be in a large group of people.  There were perhaps fifty at the walkthrough, all masked.  All of the social norms we have learned throughout our lives have been upended.  When you recognize a friend behind an approaching mask, instead of stepping forward to greet them, you step back, so they may pass with more safety.  And of course most of the people there are rarely safe, as medical providers, first responders and the others are on the front lines of a battle against a disease they cannot see.  Their courage and compassion, unspoken, is overwhelming.  Our deepest thanks are due to all taking part in this effort.


And now, the Request


During the walkthrough, County Commissioner Jack Wozmak and County Administrator Chris Coates spoke to me about the ongoing shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) at Maplewood Nursing Home.  To conserve supplies of medical grade PPE, they are asking for donations of cloth protective garments such as lab coats and artists smocks, which can be laundered and reused.  If you have any such items to donate, they would be gratefully appreciated.  In addition, Tara Sad says she can make protective smocks out of old men’s shirts, preferably in larger sizes, and of smooth cotton material.  So if you have been cleaning out your closets, and have shirts you want to donate to a good cause, contact Tara—756-4861.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Keep well,

~Rep. Lucy Weber














Rep. Lucy McVitty Weber

217 Old Keene Road

Walpole  NH  03608

Cell: 603-499-0282



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