Health Care Insurance Resource From Lucy

Feeling Overwhelmed? Lost your Health Insurance?

Problems Getting Your Insurer to Cover what You need?

Need to Appeal a Denial of Coverage of Any Kind?

A New Guide May Help.

The ongoing coronavirus emergency has everyone feeling down at times. And for some, especially those who were already struggling, it can be overwhelming.  A great new resource has been released, called Resource Guide for Consumers: How to Access Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Benefits.

The Guide is intended to promote access to mental health and substance abuse benefits, which is a timely subject now that access to these services may be even more problematical than usual. It is a wealth of information about how to navigate your way through our often confusing and contradictory health care system.  Here is a link to the Guide:

Although the focus is on mental health and substance abuse benefits, the Guide can be useful to everyone.  There is a comprehensive and practical section on how to obtain health insurance coverage, which may be useful to people who have recently lost coverage.  The Guide covers Medicaid as well as other options.

The Guide also explains what to do to get authorization for a service you need, and explains the process to appeal a denial of coverage.  While it is geared towards mental health/substance use coverage and denials, the explanation provides a step by step road map for anyone who has had their claim denied, no matter what the treatment needed.  There are separate explanations for private insurance and for Medicaid.   

The comprehensive explanations make it useful for everyone interacting with the healthcare system.  

Keep well,

~Rep. Lucy Weber

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