To Honor our First Responders

This email and the video link came from Sheila Lennon.  Although not mentioned, it should be noted that today is also Nurse’s Appreciation Day.  When you consider yesterday’s video for our teacher’s and this daily bell ringing for all those special first responders, we are reminded of how very fortunate we are. – Lil
From Sheila:
“I saw Paul Looney and Ellie Shaw yesterday and shared my thanks to Paul and Chuck Shaw
who have been taking turns to ring the Congregational Bells for 1 minute every evening at 7PM in
recognition, appreciation, and sincere thanks for all of our First Responders during these
challenging times.
I took a video last night and shared it via text so Mark Houghton could share it with the area First Responders.  Here is a link to last evening’s ringing. (The Lennon’s take pause every evening
for that minute thinking about how grateful we are to live in Walpole, and be safe here, knowing so many
others are not.) Folks outside of the Village might appreciation knowing and hearing the Bells too!
All my best,



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