This post was forwarded to me by my friend, colleague and fellow Cheshire 01 Representative, Paul Berch of Westmoreland.

~Rep. Lucy Weber


About Absentee Voting

Representative Paul Berch


This will be a non-political post about voting. No matter whom you support, I encourage you to vote in our Primary in September and the General Election in November. But, due to COVID-19, it is likely to be more complicated this year. I recently “attended” a Zoom conference with State experts on this subject – and I expect to provide more information as events progress.

We are all familiar with the usual processes – modest lines at our Town Halls; some folks registering and voting at the same time; voters showing ID and otherwise identifying themselves and some voting by absentee ballot. If we are going be operating under our social-distancing rules, these practices will be more difficult. Registering to vote at the polls usually takes some time with face-to-face conversation, production & inspection of documents, etc.; showing a drivers license or other ID usually means being close enough for the ballot clerk to check the ID; lines will need to space individuals six feet apart.

That brings me to absentee ballots – which are going to make the process much easier on everyone IF they are widely used. The Secretary of State and the State Attorney General have issued a policy statement – supported by the Governor – which states anyone can vote by absentee ballot if they are concerned about exposing themselves or others to COVID-19 in the voting process. It is expected that large numbers of individuals will choose this method, as opposed to potentially exposing themselves, their neighbors and ballot officials to possible infection. AND – if you want to vote the traditional way, you certainly will be able to do so.

Two final notes for today: (1) It is important that you decide what to do as soon as possible – if you are going to apply for an absentee ballot, the sooner the better. Be in touch with your Town Clerk. I am posting some additional information below; (2) we are in a changing environment. What is true today may not be true in September. You can be in touch with your Town Clerk, the Secretary of State’s Office ( on-line or by phone) or by contacting your local State Representative.









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