From Lucy – 6/6/20


The Latest Update


The Governor has issued a number of modifications  to his emergency orders, and testing is now not only available but encouraged for everyone.  Here are links to the latest updates:


Testing:  Testing is now available to everyone, and is being encouraged as a way of monitoring asymptomatic transmission. The new name is the Asymptomatic Spread Assessment Program, fondly known as ASAP,  and there are test sites in both Keene and Claremont.  The link to make an appointment is here:


Another week, another web site.  The latest is Stay at Home 2.0, and the main page is here: There are links there to various activities, each of which has its own set of requirements related to reopening.


Outdoor Activities:  The guidance relates to outdoor activities in recreational or natural settings that occur individually, or in small groups of 10 or less.  This applies tocenters for biking, canoe and kayak rentals, mini-golf, outdoor driving ranges, outdoor shooting ranges, small fishing charters, paint ball, outdoor guiding services (fishing, hunting, hiking), and other small group outdoor activities that are able to follow the guidance below.


Additionally, this guidance shall apply to outdoor and nature-based experiential attractions and businesses, including but not limited to: agro-tourism, outdoor walking trails, tours and paths, batting cages, zip lines, chairlifts, ropes courses/aerial parks, disk golf, open off-road vehicle tours (no enclosure), natural science centers, garden tours, diving tours and lessons, caves, petting zoos, balloon rides, helicopter and plane rides (groups fewer than 5) and white water rafting.


Beaches:  The Seacoast beaches are now open to the usual beach activities, but your group of under 10 must maintain the six foot distance from all other individuals or groups.  The tricky part here will be finding a parking space, and parking remains limited, and certain streets, usually open for parking, are now allowing parking.


Golf:  Golf has its own new set of comprehensive but less restrictive guidelines.  I’m not a golfer, so you are on your own on this one.


Lodging Industry:  Hotels, motels, B&B’s, cabin communities, private cottages/condominiums/homes, and similar accommodations open to the public, including short-term rentals, may now open to NH residents.  They are open to non-NH residents as well, but non-residents must either self-quarantine for 14 days or certify that they have been self-quarantining in their home state for 14 days before coming here.  Larger establishmaents are generally restricted to 50% or capacity; smaller establishments may be able to open at 100%, but there are numerous wrinkles, so work your way carefully through the document.


Food Services, as of June 15 Indoor seating will be allowed as of June 15th, but how it is done depends on where you are.  In Cheshire County, as well as Belknap, Coos, Carroll, Sullivan and Grafton, restaurants may open at full capacity but tables must be six feet apart and for parties of no more than six.  This means that some restaurants will still not be able to lopen at full capacity, depending on their floor space.  In the four most populous counties, Hillsborough, Merrimack, Rockingham and Stafford, where the rates of COVID-19 are higher, indoor seating is allowed art only 50% of capacity.


Summer day camps/playground programs, as of June 22:  As of June 22, day camps and local programs can open subject to a host of precautionary measures.


Resident/Overnight Camps as of June 28,2020 Sleep-away camps may open on June 28, subject to their own set of precautionary measures.


As always, you can keep up with the latest NH statistics and information here:


Remember, as you head out for newly reopened activities, that there is still a significant amount of active COVID-19 in this state and elsewhere.  Wearing a mask, staying 6 feet away from everyone except those in your own household, and frequent handwashing, or if handwashing is not possible, hand sanitizing are the most important tools to keep you and others safe.


Stay safe out there.


~Rep. Lucy McVitty Weber
217 Old Keene Road
Walpole  NH  03608

Cell: 603-499-0282


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