Planning Board Meeting Agenda – 7/9/20



Tuesday,  June 9, 2020

         7 pm​​

Roll Call – Appointment of alternates if needed.

Minutes – Review minutes of the March meeting. April, May and June meetings canceled because of Gov. Sununu’s stay-at-home-order. Three votes by email – April – One for conditional approval for Hubbard Farms at Pomeroy Farms. One for conditional approval for  Walpole Creamery to start construction. June vote on three Requests for a Public Hearing in July – Hubbard Farms Hatchery, Gorham subdivision on Route 12, Gregg Taylor on March Hill Road – Special Exception to have a commercial business in rural/ag. (Taylor had withdrawn this request.)

Election of Officers. Elect officers and choose replacement for James Aldrich, who, besides being a Board member, was also Clerk. Mr. Aldrich became a Board member in 2011.

Old Business:

Continue Public Hearing No. 1.

Greg Gay, Site Plan for Office Building. Greg Gay proposes a 30-by-70-foot-office building at 8 Len-Tex Lane, North Walpole, Map 27, Lot 8-1, Industrial district. The new building plans has three offices, a kitchen, two handicapped bathrooms, one with a laundry, a common room and a garage with room for inventory. Mr. Gay needs to return to the North Walpole Commissioners and Fire Chief to have them sign off on the new plans and add a second egress.

Public Hearing No. 2

Walpole Creamery, 532 Main Street LLC, Map 12, Lot 14, Commercial District. Rob Kasper representing Walpole Creamery. The proposal is to add a 6-foot-by-75-foot covered boardwalk, repave and restripe the parking lot and replace flood lights with other lighting. He has received permission from NH DOT regarding the Route 12 frontage modification and DOT is in agreement with the proposed change reducing the entry from the south to 35 feet and to 50 feet on the north and providing parking along Route 12. Kasper has received conditional approval from the Board to begin work.

Public Hearing No. 3.

Hubbard Farms: Site Plan for a new chicken house. Scott Hunter is representing Hubbard Farms. Mike Petrovick, architect. Hubbard Farms LLC proposes to replace two chicken houses totaling 23,730 square feet with one 386-foot long, 19,350-square-foot chicken house at Pomeroy Farm, North Road, Map 10, Lot 6, rural/ag. Hubbard Farms has received conditional approval from the Board to begin work.

Public Hearing No.4

Hubbard Farms: Site Plan to add space at the Research and Development Hatchery at 38 Upper Walpole. Map 12, Lot 57, Rural/Ag District. Expansion of egg storage area and van storage. A hatchery is where eggs are set in incubators/hatchers and hatched every other week.

Public Hearing No.5

Gorham – Route 12 – Subdivision. Joe DiBernardo representing David Gorham, 569 Main Street, Map 12, Lot 22, Commercial District. One lot is 2 acres and the second lot is 7.27 acres.

Request for a Public Hearings

Ruggiero Processing Facility LLC Site Plan. Tom Hanna representing Ruggiero who proposes a site a change in driveway placement into the facility, a new scale and a modular office to monitor the scale. Industrial Park. Industrial district. ZBA voted that Ruggiero does not need another Special Exception, but made the following recommendations – follow NH Administrative Code 404.5, any waste stockpile be located, sized and configured as required by our fire chief; also the fire chief inspect all construction for any potential safety hazard and that Ruggiero be required not to exceed the hours of operation stipulated in the original conditions.

Request for a Public Hearing: Subdivision. Matt McGuirk for his grandmother, Elisse McGuirk, 167 Valley Road, Tax Map 13, Lot 15, rural/ag district.

Request for a Public Hearing: Subdivision – Laura Madden, 74 Hayes Road, Tax Map 13, Lots 3 and 3-1.

Discussion – Walpole Village Market – landscaping

Workshop: Tuesday, July 28, 2020. Continue work on Master Plan?

Handouts: Amended Site Plan.

Next meeting: Tuesday, August 11, 2020.

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