Time again, but I thought I would give you an extra day’s notice before the deadline for the August issue of the CLARION — Thursday, 23 July. I have already received some of my regular submissions, and one feature piece on a “Walpole Treasure” that I am sure readers are not familiar with.

So, there is some time for your submissions. Again, sadly with COVID-19, there are barely any past events to report on, and no upcoming happenings to make you aware of. If you have an interesting story, think about writing it down and sending it along for possible publication on the pages of the CLARION. It could be how you and your neighbors are coping this summer, or other “human interest” story. Give it a shot, break out your laptop or pen and paper (electronic submissions preferred, of course). Writing, and sharing is fun. You can click on this link for the CLARION’s Article Submission Guidelines. Finally, if you have any advertising questions, please contact me.

Thank you, yours, Ray Boas, Publisher