A Baker’s Week away. You know a “baker’s dozen” is thirteen, and now you know that a “baker’s week” is eight days. If you know me, you know I love to learn, and love to share that learning. So now you also know.

But, with that, the closing day for the September issue of the CLARION is Friday, 21 August, yes eight days away from this posting — an extra day’s notice for you. Eloise has already sent me another great “Nature of Walpole,” and Ben has provided a “recycling center” update.

COVID-19 again has stalled and caused to vanish activities to be reported on the CLARION’s pages. But, we must stay safe and well, and care for our neighbors welfare.  If there is some news you may be aware of, or a past event or story, please send it in.  And, again, if you have an interesting story, think about writing it down and sending it along for possible publication on the pages of the CLARION. Writing, and sharing is fun. You can click on this link for the CLARION’s Article Submission Guidelines. Finally, if you have any advertising questions, please contact me.

In the September issue there will again be pertinent information on voting in September and November (including absentee voting procedures during COVID-19), and school opening information.

Thank you, yours, Ray Boas, Publisher