Hooper Trustees Meeting Minutes – 9/3/20

Hooper Trustees Present:    Peggy Pschirrer (Chair); Cheryl Mayberry; Steven Dalessio

CALL TO ORDER:  Mrs. Pschirrer called this Hooper Trustees meeting to order at 7:46 PM in the Walpole Town Hall.  This meeting is being recorded.


HOOPER TRUSTEES MEETING – August 27, 2020:  Mr. Dalessio moved to accept the Minutes of the Hooper Trustees meeting of August 27, 2020, as submitted.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  Mrs. Pschirrer asked if there were any questions or comments.  There were none.  With Mr. Dalessio, Ms. Mayberry and Mrs. Pschirrer in favor, the Minutes were approved.


Hooper Institute Board:  Mr. Dalessio reported that the Hooper Institute Board met last night via Zoom.  The alarm system update is a few hundred dollars more than anticipated but Mr. Dalessio told the Board it is alright as it needs to be done.  Mrs. Dalbeck asked for permission to approve/proceed with small unplanned repairs such as toilet problems. She called E.E. Houghton.  The members set a limit of $500.  They approved having Mr. Tim Smith do the roofing on both buildings.  The chimney on the shed was going to cost another $3,000 for repairs. A decision was made to lower it to the roof line as it is not used.  They are still waiting for Rice Tree Service to take the damaged maple tree down.  They are giving a lot of food to the Food Shelf from both the Hooper and School gardens.  

There will be a “5K – Hooper 90s” run online.  Donation is $5.00.  The Hooper Institute received two Grants:  1) $500 from the Savings Bank of Walpole; and 2) $500 from the Women of Walpole.  

Their newsletter resulted in bringing in 16 new members and some donations.  They are talking about doing another one the first part of 2021.  Newsletters were mailed to all the addresses in Walpole but Mr. Dalessio will check to see if it included addresses in North Walpole.  The Board members are going to re-visit the logo again.  They want to move that forward.

Mrs. Dalbeck met with Mr. Justin Cassarino and Mr. Sam Jacobs.  It is a big commitment to keep Hooper involved in the Walpole School programs.  It is a big plus for the Hooper. 

The Hooper budget will be ready in November.  Mr. Dalessio told Mrs. Dalbeck that she will be invited to the day of budget sessions with department managers.  There are lots of good positive signs and news.

ADJOURNMENT:  Mr. Dalessio moved to adjourn this Hooper Trustees meeting.  The Hooper Trustees will return to the Selectboard meeting.  Seconded by Ms. Mayberry.  Mrs. Pschirrer asked if there were any questions or comments.  There were none.  With Mr. Dalessio, Ms. Mayberry and Mrs. Pschirrer in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 7:58 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Regina Borden, Recording Secretary

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