Walpole Library Trustees Meeting Minutes – 9/15/20

Thank you to Shirley Capron for forwarding these Minutes. – Lil

Board of Trustees Meeting

Walpole Town Library

Conducted on “Zoom”                                          

September 15, 2020 

Present were: Gail Lahaise, Fred Ernst, Amy Howard, Kate Nerrie, Jean Kobeski, Carole Cramer, Susan Johnson, Peggy Pschirrer, Jeanne Ramey, Shirley Capron.  

Library Staff:  Jane Malmberg, Chris Birchstead, Julie Rios. 

Formal votes were taken on two items approved over e-mail since the August Board meeting:  Hiring of Jane Malmberg and the approval of the updated Personnel Policies in reference to vacation time.  

Amy moved to hire of Jane Malmberg as Library Director.  Gail seconded the motion and all voted in favor (9-0).
A proposed change in the Personnel Policies to increase the vacation time from 1 to 2 weeks in the first year of employment, from 2 to 3 weeks after two years of service, and 3 weeks after five years of service. Amy referred the Board to her e-mail with the updated “Personnel Policy,” and it was determined that it was specific to any full-time employee.  
Amy moved to accept the changes to the Policy.  Kate seconded the motion, and all voted in favor of the change (9-0).Concluding Amy said copies of the updated policy will be sent to all.

Amy opened the meeting welcoming the new Library Director, Jane Malmberg.

Approval of Minutes:  Jean moved, Susan seconded, all approved (9-0) with one correction in the July Minutes. – Jeanne asked if paper copies of reports disseminated at and before Board meetings are being kept.  Shirley said she is keeping the Minutes as always and now, the Treasurer’s Reports along with them.  – Peggy said the Treasurer’s Report and Bills Report should be signed and kept.  Kate said she signs, and added that the Auditors need the Bills Reports.- Gail recommended, and Shirley agreed, that the Board Minutes should be posted in the “Walpolean.”  Shirley added she always sends the Minutes to the Library to be posted. The Minutes are now available on the Library’s website.

Treasurer’s Report:  Kate e-mailed Board members three reports prior:  “Monthly Expense Report,” “Library Bills” and “Library Administration and Operation” along with her comments re.  She said expenses were down and that they will certainly remain that way because there were no Adult Programs planned, nor a Volunteers Dinner, (re, it was said that there should be some sort of recognition for the Volunteers, if no dinner is possible), and because of the recent memorial gift of money received.    Kate sent a Thank You card to the memorial gift donors, Mike Plaisted and Maggie Knowles Webbert.- Kate then asked about a Thank You card the Library used in the past that had a picture of the Library on it.  Amy said she thought she had one and that it could be reproduced.- Jeanne moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Carol seconded, all approved (9-0).

Bills:  Kate said they were sent out and that nothing was unusual.  Re, a question was had about the subscription for the “Book Service” the Library uses.  Julie responded saying it was very good for the Library.  Gail moved, Jeanne seconded, all approved (9-0) the bills.- Kate said she will meet with Jane re the handling of bills.

Old Business:  

Amy said the Library is looking better in front and that it is not done yet.  Carol and Jeanne expressed thanks for the painting on the porch.  Carol said that lettering has to be done, and in the color white was agreed on.  Both Amy and Carol commented on needed improvement of the lettering.   Carol said the window will be worked on.  Materials were ordered for the Computer Desk that Barry will do.  Carol explained the area saying that a shelf will be built, and a table will be placed in the area. Peggy asked about the Bill going to the Town.  The Town has paid for some of the repairs to the building, and will not be billed for any more of the work.

Julie and Chris were asked about activity in the Library since School started.   They said that kids come into the Library only to get books and do not hang out, apparently because they are keeping in their own groups and also that they are with their parents.  There is no problem at this time.  

Jeanne spoke about the plaques that arrived and said it is very disappointing.  She and Chris said there were misspellings, and that not all staff were listed.  Jeanne said she will fix it. Amy suggested the Board look at the replacement.   Gail thoughtfully requested a plaque for Rose Werden, recently retired Librarian of forty years at the Branch.  Jeanne asked for help re the wording of it and Gail said she would help.  There will be an update re plaques at the next meeting.

New Director:  Jane will be starting her job on 9/21.  Amy met with Jane who is doing research about the Library on her own.   Jane met also with Chris and Julie about what her working hours would be like.  Amy encourages Board Members to meet her, letting her know she is welcomed.   Peg invited Jane to meet the Town Directors at their meeting next week.  Jane said she will definitely stop by.

Branch:  Amy asked if any Board Member wishes to chair the Committee to address the North Walpole Library and its needs.  Re the Library, Amy suggested getting input from patrons and others – particularly the Commissioners.  Discussion was had re the necessity of keeping the Library open and cataloging the collection.  Peg added that the Branch budget is still available.  Amy will set up a meeting with the Committee after Jane is settled.

Operations:  Julie’s report of Library Statistics for the year to date were sent by e-mail to Board Members.  Amy commented they were good comparisons and that they indicate breathing room to catch up. Jane asked for stats on “Hoopla” and other programs.  Julie said “Hoopla” did not work out and that it was cancelled, but that we still had some money to spend and once the money is gone the program will be shut down. Jeanne complimented Chris’ and Julie’s good work.

Building & Grounds:  Jeanne talked with Jennifer Burr and mentioned again the removal of plants bordering the stairs: They are to be removed.  Another plant will be moved to the back.  A Weeping Hemlock and another plant will be added.  Allen Brothers is donating a tree and Jeanne said maybe another one. 

Technology:  Amy said the purchasing of new computers will be revisited, once Jane is on board.

Friends:  Chris said the Plant Sale ends September 25.  Carol Malnati is to be contacted about donating materials for the Book Sale. Amy showed the Friends’ solicitation post card recently distributed, and suggested that Board Members donating would be meaningful to them.

Upon Julie and Chris’ departure, the Board went into Executive Session.  After much discussion, Gail motioned, Amy seconded, all approved (9-0) the meeting adjourn at 5:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Shirley Capron, Secy. 

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