A Good Question

Barbara Kasper sent me the following email asking if I knew anything about this or if I knew if the item had been discussed anywhere along the way. I could not remember it ever coming up in the various board minutes that haves been posted here so I am tossing it out to those who know much more than I. At least on the surface, it would seem to be a “good question”. – Lil

To Whom it May Concern,

I heard a few months ago that an extremely generous individual in town has had the brilliant idea to give a property he owns to the town for a new police station.  The property is the former furniture store across the street from Aubuchon hardware store.  I not only deeply admire the gesture, but also think it’s an absolutely excellent idea!  The property is a far more appropriate space in which to house our police force, as it will not only provide additional, much needed room but will also place our officers in a more centrally located area.  

Perhaps I missed it, but I have not heard anything from the powers that be about plans to go forward with this move.  Can anyone provide any more information and/or an update on the timing?

Thank you,

Barbara Kasper

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