Clarion Now Online


by Ray Boas

The October issue of the CLARION, again twenty-four pages, should be in the mail on September 29, but it is is now on-line for you to read early and share. Town news, the primary election, a great deal new at the libraries, four reader’s commentaries, some “Gleanings from Town Minutes,” and much more of interest. Take a look, see what is happening in Walpole. And, please remember, you have the CLARION’s advertisers to thank for bringing you the CLARION, so please extend your thanks when you see them, or need them.

October 2020 ISSUE

Please share this post and issue with friends, neighbors, and out of town family and friends. THE WALPOLE CLARION is also on Facebook,  so “Like Us” there, along with 332 folks who have already done so. You will receive updates of importance, and this post is the third one since the October issue “went to press.” Also, you should sign up on the CLARION website to receive these post updates.

REMEMBER — Wear your mask, stay home or keep a “social distance” and wash your hands. Be safe, and stay well, yours, RAY BOAS, Publisher

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