And Another Update From Lucy

COVID by the Numbers, September 28, 2020 Edition

Today, DHHS reported a 36 new positive test results.  This is a lot better than the 61 in my last report, but the averages are still moving on up. The NH statewide 7 day average of new cases per 100,000 is now 2.8, up from 2.6 on September 20.  We are still the 3rd lowest, behind Vermont and Maine.

On September 20, there were 318 active cases in the state;  8 of those were in hospital. As of today, there are 339 active cases.  One of the numberss that is worrying me is that we doubled the number of hospitalizations; we are now up to 16 hospitalizations.   

In Cheshire County, two days ago, we had only 2 active cases in Cheshire County.  But then on Sunday there were 5 new cases and 3 new cases today.  Yikes!  As far as I can determine, 4 of yesterday’s cases are associated with Franklin Pierce in Rindge; there was 1 new case in Rindge today as well, so 5cases total in Rindge.  It looks like the other three cases are in Keene, Westmoreland, and Marlborough.  Currently, we have 9 known active cases is the county.  So we, too, are on the rise again.

The Harvard Global Health Initiative map lags behind by two days, so they have not caught up with our new numbers yet.  You can check in with them here in the days to come.

All the more reason to be careful out there, and be more careful the further from home you go.

Wear your mask, keep your distance, wash your hands, and keep well.

~Representative Lucy Weber


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