The Latest From Lucy – 10/15/20

Here’s the latest…

COVID-19 Update

I don’t usually post this often, but the situation seems to be changing rapidly.  Last night there were 4 more COVID cases reported in Cheshire County.  This means that we have had 12 new reported cases in the last 7 days, October 8-14, as compared to 4 new cases reported from October 1-7.

More importantly, a look at the map of active cases shows that Walpole, Surry and Marlow have joined Westmoreland, Keene, Swanzey, Jaffrey and Rindge as municipalities with active cases.  And of course, these are only the cases where there has been a positive test.  As we know, many persons infected by the virus are without symptoms, but they are still able to transmit the disease to others.  Undoubtedly some of those cases are local.

For any of us who have started to feel secure in our own local bubble, know that we must go back to taking care, all the time, and with all our encounters.  And of course, the precautions from 100 years ago are still the best protection.

Wear your mask-even when keeping your distance*; keep your distance-even when wearing a mask; wash your hands; and keep well.


*Okay, okay, if you are out getting exercise, take the mask off.  But be even more careful than before to maintain a well more than 6 foot distance from those you are excercising with, unless they are from your household.

~Representative Lucy Weber


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