A Well-deserved Retirement

It is with sadness that the library announces the retirement of Fran Moses after 27 years of friendly and dedicated service.  An avid reader and crafter, Fran loves helping patrons find new books and particularly enjoys talking with the children who visit the library with their families.  Many of these young patrons are now parents who come in with their own children.  She is always willing to help with projects and anything else that is needed.  The staff will greatly miss her warmth, smile and terrific sense of humor. We expect to see Fran regularly as she and Bill will need to keep stocked up with reading material.  The library staff and trustees wish her the very best of luck and much happiness in her well-deserved retirement.  Fran’s last day will be November 27 so be sure to stop by and wish her well.  

One thought on “A Well-deserved Retirement

  1. siebrands 11/18/2020 at 3:29 PM Reply

    The library w/o Fran??? Perish the thought! Good luck, Fran.


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