Plea for Help

Walpole Cub Scout Pack 299 has lost their meeting place due to the closure of the Town Hall . Daniel Webster Council which controls us is still open .We would like to keep the boys involved but can’t without a place to meet.        

     We would like to ask people in the Walpole and North Walpole Communities if anyone has a space that we could use every other Tuesday evening from 6 to 7pm to hold our meetings ? This could be a church , barn or any other kind of building just so we are in out of the dark and the cold. 

Hopefully this would be just temporary until the Town Hall reopens . We would need a space big enough to Social Distance  4 Dens . Number of people including adults is roughly 20 .           

If anyone has a space we can use please contact Deb Pawelczyk Cub Scout Pack 299’s Committee Chair at 603 445-5475

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