Selectboard Agenda – 12/10/20


OHRV REGULATION AND RSAs• Conservation Officer Jonathan DeLisle

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE• Accounts Payable Check Register in the total amount of $60,424.22 for checks issued 12/11/2020

PAYROLL• Payroll Register totaling $28,607.82 dated 12/11/2020 and the 941 Payroll Tax Transfer of $5,510.47

SELECTBOARD MEETING MINUTES• Selectboard Minutes – December 3, 2020• Non-Public Selectboard Session – December 3, 2020

COMMITTEE REPORTS• Walpole Fire District Meeting – October 14, 2020• Walpole Fire District Meeting – November 11, 2020

WARRANTS• Walpole Water Tax Lien• Walpole Sewer Tax Lien• North Walpole Sewer Tax Lien

PROPERTY TAX REFUNDS• Map and Lot# 024-015-000• Map and Lot# 010-024-000

SOLAR ENERGY EXEMPTION• Map and Lot# 007-024-000

TIMBER INTENTS• Map and Lot# 009-006-000• Map and Lot# 009-080-000• Map and Lot#s 009-029-003 with 009-030-000

OLD BUSINESS• Travel Policy for Employees• Sewer Bond and Usage Fees

Pending Further Actions

Town Street Lights, Tax Deeded Property Sale, Houghton Brook Bridge Repair, Reservoir Dam Repairs

NEW BUSINESS• Cemetery Deed D582• Cemetery Deed D593• Emergency Generators• December Staff Meeting


**Any recording, audio or visual, and/or other devices must be declared at the beginning of the meeting**

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