Broadband News – 12/28/20

Broadband Install Update: December 2020

The infrastructure for Walpole’s fiber optic cable is going great guns. As of Dec 14, of the 3 phases of the ‘backbone’ for this project – 97% of the fiber was laid, 75% of the splicing was done, and now the testing of the network has begun. (Look for an updated report on the install of the ‘backbone’ coming out just before the New Year. This will be posted on the Walpole Town website.)

Those 3 phases of the ‘backbone’ lead to the stuff that matters – making the connection to the internet. Turns out that this is a two-step process. See the info from Consolidated Communications below regarding this final phase of the project:

For awareness the installation process (connecting the fiber optic cable to the house/premise) has started.  CCI has begun calling residents that pre-registered on the landing page for pre-drop placements and will begin to run the fiber from the street to the outside of the house.  CCI will continue with this part of the installation(the part outside the home) through the end of January and then will begin to transition over to the in-home installations portion and begin to bring customers online.”

For more information visit Walpole’s town website here:

Or pre-register at Consolidated Communications webpage here:  (Note that you may need to disable some adblocking features on your computer to in order to get information specific to your location.

Or if you prefer the phone, this number Is posted on their website:1.844.968.7224 Residential Sales & Service: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. (M-F)

I also see this phone number posted outside Consolidated’s building in the village 855-401-6423

Dennis Marcom, for Walpole’s Broadband Committee

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