Restaurant at Burdick’s and Walpole Grocery temporarily Closed

From Tom Goins: On December 28th one of our employees in the Restaurant at Burdick’s notified us that they tested positive for COVID.  The employee has not worked in the restaurant since Thursday, December 24thand did not begin to show symptoms until the afternoon of Sunday, December 27th.  We here at Burdick’s & the Walpole Grocery take this seriously and therefore it is with utmost precaution and the continued interest of keeping everyone safe & healthy as possible we are closing both The Restaurant at Burdick’s and the Walpole Grocery.  We will remain closed as long as necessary and we are also having our entire staff tested.  We hope you all remain healthy & safe.

For those who think of Burdick’s as one entity that includes The Restaurant at Burdick’s, the Walpole Grocery and the Chocolate Shop & Café, the COVID related closures only apply to the restaurant and grocery store.

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