Planning Board Meeting Agenda – 1/12/21


January 12, 2021

Zoom meeting: 7 pm


Roll Call – 

Minutes – Review minutes of the November and December meetings. One correction in Roll Call of November meeting: It should say, There was a quorum for the meeting. Absent: Joanna Andros.

Old Business:

Public Hearing No. 1

Subdivision: Jay Landry two lots into four lots, Map 17, Lots 5 and 5-1, land between Old Keene Rd. and Wentworth Rd. All lots have required 200 feet road frontage and 40,000 square feet, Residential A. 

The new lots would be:

​ Lot 5.1 – 2.19 acres with 200 feet road frontage on Wentworth Road; 

​ Lot 5-2 – 1.67 acres with 200 feet road frontage on Wentworth Road; 

​ Lot 5-3 – 1.15 acres with 200 feet road frontage on Wentworth Road;

​ and 5-4 – 6.22 acres with 203.61 feet road frontage on Old Keene Road and Wentworth Road.​ ​48.5 feet road frontage on Wentworth Road.

Public Hearing No. 2:

Short-term rental zoning amendment to be added to the bed and breakfast ordinance and placed on the March 2021 warrant. It will read:

​ Article 4, Section L   Bed and Breakfast Establishments

​So called “Bed and Breakfast” and short -term rental establishments for the accommodation of ​paying, overnight guests, may be maintained in all zoning districts provided that the number ​of rooms for rent in any one establishment shall not number more than four and further ​provided that breakfast may be the only meal provided and that only to bona fide overnight ​guests. The conversion of a single-family residence or other building to a bed and breakfast or ​short-term rental shall require Site Plan approval by the Planning Board. Off-street parking for ​one car per rented room plus space for owner parking shall be provided.”

Since this item will be going on the warrant it is being postponed until there can be an in-person meeting.

New Business: 

Request for a Public Hearing for Zoning Amendments to signage ordinance, Article IV, D, be added to the March 2021 warrant.

It would be Article IV Section D3 – Limitations, second paragraph.

Inflatable signs; wind-activated signs like feather flags; oscillating, rotating, flashing, neon or other tubular gas signs; or signs with blinking, changing or moving illumination are not permitted. These prohibitions do not apply to signs used for public safety purposes by a government entity.”

It replaces “Oscillating, rotating, flashing, neon or other tubular gas sings are not permitted except when used for public safety purposed by a government entity.”

This ordinance deals with temporary signs. It will be number 9 in the signage ordinance in Article IV, D. The current number 9 will become number 10. The new ordinance reads:

9. Temporary Signs

A temporary sign is any sign not permanently attached to the ground, a wall, or a building that is intended to be displayed for a short and limited period of time.

Examples of temporary signs include announcement signs; real estate signs; community or civic event signs; political campaign signs pursuant to RSA 664; garage or yard sale signs or signs for other special events that occur for a limited period of time.

All temporary signs shall be removed within ten (10) days following the event or activity being promoted.

Public Hearing approved unanimously approved by PB, but since this item is going on the warrant it will be postponed until there can be an in-person Public Hearing.

Request for a Public Hearing:

Site Plan: Bed and Breakfast at the Watkins Tavern at Hooper Golf Club: Walpole D and D LLC, 116 Prospect Hill Road, Map 8, Lot , Residential A. Cindy Westover representing owner Fred Dill. Prospective owners Eric Brandolini and Steven Leclerman.

Unanimous approval by PB. Public Hearing via Zoom in January.


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