Up-date From Lucy

COVID by the Numbers Midweek Update, January 7 Edition


When Can I Get Vaccinated?

First, the numbers update.  Cheshire County has had 56 new cases in the last week.  17 of those cases appear to have been in Walpole.  We currently have our all-time high of 18 currently active cases.  Yesterday, January 6, the state recorded a record 24 deaths in one day.  Tomorrow, or the next day, the state of New Hampshire will reach the milestone of 50,000 total cases since  start of the pandemic.  COVID is not only out there, it is right here.  Be careful out there.  You know the drill:  WYM, KYD, WYH, and keep well.

Second, vaccines.  I had a request today for information about NH’s vaccine timetable.  The best graphic I have seen is to be found here:

Currently, we are part way through Phase 1-a, with the first recipients starting to receive their second shot.  Be sure to check in with your Primary Care Provider to find out if your health issues permit you to jump the line.  The timeline may vary with how may doses of vaccine are allocated to NH.  Fun fact for today: Members of the clergy are first responders.

NH is not considering a vaccine mandate, and strongly recommends that employers not mandate the vaccine either.  This is still an experimental treatment.

Here is some guidance for schools, businesses, and employers/employees: 

Finally, here is the NH DHHS Page with ALL the information.  I find it highly technical, confusing, and …sometimes conflicting, but you may find just what you need.


I hope this is helpful.


~Representative Lucy Weber



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