Another Up-date from Lucy

And another update, and a correction.


COVID by the Numbers-January 9 Edition

Correction and Update

First, the correction:

A constituent brought to my attention a line in my last update that was incorrect and had the potential to be misleading. 

In my last update, I referred to the vaccine as still being an experimental treatment.  That statement was incorrect, and I should have chosen my words more carefully.  

I used it because the vaccines are being used under an Emergency Use Authorization, pending full FDA approval.  However, having checked with medical experts, they do NOT consider the vaccines to be experimental at this point, and I should not have used that word.  

I very much regret if this has in any way made anyone more reluctant to get a vaccine which has been tested extensively and which has been found to be both safe and effective.  I am certainly going to get vaccinated myself, just as soon as we get to phase 2-a.

My thanks to the constituent who brought the matter to my attention, so this correction could be made, and my apologies to all.

Now, the update:

My last post was data from January 7.  Last night, the report of January 8 brought the news of 7 more cases here in Walpole.  We now have a new high of 25 currently active cases in town, more than any other town in Cheshire County.  Only the City of Keene, with 66 currently active cases, has more.  The total number of cases in Walpole over the course of the pandemic now stands at 61.

Yesterday, Cheshire County was the only county in New Hampshire that did not have a slight decrease in the number of cases per 100,000 population.  Our increase was only slight, and we are still lower in that respect than most other counties, but we are still going in the wrong direction.

The state as a whole crossed the 50,000 mark yesterday, with 50,152total cases reported and 19 new deaths.  On a more positive note, hospitalizations, which had hit a high of 335 on January 2, are now down to 297.

Wear your mask, keep your distance, wash your hands.  Please be especially careful during our own local spike in cases.

~Representative Lucy Weber


One thought on “Another Up-date from Lucy

  1. Lenette Wilde 01/09/2021 at 5:45 PM Reply

    Please give us news on the vaccine. When will it be available ?


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