Clarion Deadline – 1/22/21

Clarion Deadline again? I find it so hard to imagine how time goes by so quickly when I have nothing to do! – Lil


by Ray Boas

TIME AGAIN, and work has begun on the February 2021 issue of THE WALPOLE CLARION. Closing date is in just a tad over a week from today – Friday – 22 January.

Still with a scarcity of happenings, both past and future, to cover on our pages I still have been able to bring you 20 full pages of hopefully interesting and balanced reading. Remember I mail 2,o00 copies to homes and businesses, as well as being on-line, so if you have something to share with the community – a news happening, a past happening, an item of interest – please send it along. And, new advertisers are always welcome. Many of my advertisers have been with me for years – their ads work, and they are supporting the CLARION as a community project.

So, here is your deadline warning, and if you have any questions, do email me –

And please, Wear Your Mask, Practice Social Distancing, and Wash Your Hands.
Thank you, yours, RAY BOAS, Publisher

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