Legislative Briefing

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Department of Health and Human Services


Briefing for Legislators

Friday, January 29, 2021

On Friday, January 29, at 1:00 pm, DHHS will present a briefing to the House  Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee and other NH legislators on COVID, the response to COVID, including, we hope, frequently asked questions about vaccines and access.  The House now has a YouTube channel, and most of our hearings are being live-streamed so the public may watch them as the happen.  In addition, the hearings are being archived so you can watch them at another time, as well.

Here is the link to the hearings:

            NH House YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxqjz56akoWRL_5vyaQDtvQ 

When you click on the link, the live hearings come up first.  The one you want is Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs.

If you want to watch a hearing that has already happened, click on Playlists, and then on the Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs “View Full Playlist” link.  It takes a few days to get the hearing recordings posted.

**Disclaimer:  This meeting is being conducted by UNH, not our House IT Services, so there is a possibility it may not be available live.  If that is the case, my apologies, but please do not call me to tell me you cannot access the meeting, because I will be in the meeting.  I will post a link here as soon as it becomes available.  In addition, I will try to summarize any useful information here over the weekend.

~Rep. Lucy Weber

603 499 0282


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