More Confusion?

About That 

IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the State of New Hampshire re: COVID19 Vaccine.

Hi, again, folks,

Today, many people got yet another email or text about vaccine signups from NH DHHS.

It looks something like this:

Subject: IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the State of New Hampshire re: COVID19 Vaccine.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the State of New Hampshire regarding the COVID19 Vaccine.

You are receiving this message because you recently pre-registered for the COVID19 Vaccine, or your medical provider submitted your information as an eligible recipient in Phase 1B. We are following up to inquire if you were able to successfully schedule an appointment with a confirmed time, date, and location. 

Use the link below to respond. You will be taken to an OnSolve website to submit your response. 

Please note, this link is only active for 24 hours. If you attempt to utilize the link more than 24 hours after receiving it, please contact

If you receive this message more than once, you only need to reply one time. 

(the link was here, but I deleted it…)

The email comes from, and has a link for you to follow.  A similar text message may arrive from 76993.

I have checked with DHHS, and this is a genuine communication from NH DHHS.  If you follow the link, there is one question:  Have you been able to sign up for an appointment?  Yes   or   No

People may think this is a scam, because if they have signed up for a vaccine date, wouldn’t DHHS already KNOW that?  

Well, no, because the web site used to sign up for the actual appointment is a CDC federal web site, not a NH web site.  

The point of these communications is if you are one of the ones who have not been able to sign up for an appointment because you never got the followup email with the signup link, you want to follow the link and answer NO as soon as possible, and DHHS will then contact you to iron out the problems.

We are told that NH is building its own web site so that the next signups will be one-step, not two-step, but it’s not up yet.

The Governor’s press release is here:

Keep well and keep warm,


4 thoughts on “More Confusion?

  1. jack neary 01/29/2021 at 9:45 AM Reply

    Lucy I got that email and was confused. I called the 211 Covid line, and that guy said I could ignore this email I already have a date.


  2. Andrea Goins 01/29/2021 at 10:25 AM Reply

    Hey Lucy, you read my mind. My initial thought was “scam” because I feel that all this confusion will surely bring out the scammers. After I read the governor’s long message, I felt safe about replying to the link. Thanks for looking out for us!


  3. Lenette wilde 01/29/2021 at 10:43 AM Reply

    Hello Lucy, I am pleased to see that our complaints about the vaccine sign up has finally impacted on the Governor and his staff.
    But do they realize that there are many scams out there and when we get emails from various addresses we are hesitant to respond?
    Also, They are still trying to fix the problem using the same tools (email, computer, cell phone). This does not reach or help the people living independently who have no tech skills.
    If you have time, I have a question. In places where you see these mass inoculations, are those people vetted with multiple “safe guards” like we are with our sign up system? Or is it more like flu shots, where if you want one , you just ask for one at the local pharmacy?
    Thanks Lucy! And good luck!!


  4. Lucy Weber 01/29/2021 at 12:39 PM Reply

    All of those mass sites are in other states, and each states have their oown systems, so I am afraid I have no idea!


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