Up-date from Lucy – 1/30/21

COVID by the Numbers—January 30 Edition


More About Those Second Doses 

Second doses:  We now know more about scheduling those second doses of vaccine.  Things are still in a little bit of flux, but here is the procedure as it is right now.

Signup slots specifically designated for a second shot will open up on Tuesday, Feb. 2, at 8:00 am.  This means you will no longer be competing with those signing up for their first shot, which was what pushed the second shoots so far out. Those who have already received their first shot will be able to schedule their second shot, or reschedule their second shot if their appointment is scheduled out beyond the recommended time windows.

You cannot schedule your second shoot until after you have received your first shot, as you can only have one appointment in the system at a time.  Immediately after you have received your first shot, go back to the VAMS web site www.vams.cdc.gov , and go to your account using the email address and password you used to register for the first shot.  We have been told you should be able to schedule a second shot within the optimum recommended time window—21-28 days for Pfizer, 28-35 days for Moderna, or if not then, at least close to it.  If you already have an appointment for a second shot that is further out in the future than the ones opened up on Tuesday, you will need to cancel the later appointment so you can sign up for the earlier one.  DHHS is recommending you get your second shot at the same location as your first shot, if possible.

The numbers:

The saddest news this week is that Cheshire has set a new weekly record for deaths, with 7 more lives lost to us.  This brings the total to 19, up from 7 at the start of the month.

The rest of the news is more cheerful.  Here in Walpole, we are down to 9 active cases, down from 15 last week, and the high of 30 on January 12.  We had 6 new cases this week, down from 7 last week.  The total number of Walpole cases is 91.

Cheshire County has come all the way down from #1 in the state on January 17th  in the seven day average of reported cases per 100,000; we are now dead last, at #10.  Congratulations, everyone!  We are now at 26.3, down from 44.7 last week, and our high of 64.0 on January 17th.  The number of active cases is 203, down from a high of 389 on January 15.

The cumulative total of reported Cheshire County cases is 2,229, up from 2,123 last week.

Statewide, the cumulative number of cases went from 62,337 on January 24thto 65,362  today.  The number of active cases came down from 6,122 last week to 5,238.  Hospitalizations are down from 239 to 217.  Another 55Granite Staters lost their lives to COVID this week, topping the 1,000 mark, and bringing the cumulative total to 987 to 1042.

So please keep on taking good care of yourselves.  Redouble your efforts.  Wear your masks.  Keep your distance.  Wash your hands.  Avoid large groups.  Avoid close contact in small groups of those not in your household.  Be careful out there, now more than ever.

Keep well.

~Representative Lucy Weber



2 thoughts on “Up-date from Lucy – 1/30/21

  1. Richard Hill 01/31/2021 at 10:18 AM Reply

    Thank you, Lucy. I find this information very helpful. Please keep it up!


  2. Joanna Andros 01/31/2021 at 2:37 PM Reply

    Thanks for the update. I’ve been able to schedule the first vaccine for February, so feel thankful. Have you had yours?

    Joey Andros


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