Up-date from Lucy – 2/7/21

COVID by the Numbers—February 7 Edition


Even More About Those Second Doses 

Second doses:  Another week, another plan.  The word now on when NH will have its own vaccine scheduling program is “before the next phase.”  As the current phase, 1-b contains some 250,000-300,000 individuals, and only 43,888 individuals in phases 1-a and 1-b have received both shots, with another 116,523 having received the first shot, it’s going to be a while yet.  In the meantime, the new plan, as of today, Sunday, is to give everyone a time for the second shot when they get the first shot.  If you are stuck with having received the first shot, and have a date for the second shot far later than the recommended interval, the reports are confusing.  Some people have called 211 and been given an earlier time slot, without having to cancel the later date already scheduled in VAMS.  Others have been told they will have to keep on “checking back” with the VAMS site, and they cannot do that without cancelling their existing date.  Still frustrating.  Stay tuned.

The numbers:

All the numbers this week are encouraging.  

Walpole active cases have gone from 9 cases to under 5.  Once you are under 5 active cases, DHHS only specifies 1-4 cases, to preserve confidentiality.  So we have achieved 1-4 status.  There were 5 new cases in Walpole this week, down from 6 last week.  

In Cheshire County, our seven day average of reported cases per 100,000 is down from 26.3 to 20.2.  Active cases in the county are now down to 122.  Sadly, we have lost another 2 citizens to the pandemic.

Statewide, active cases have gone from 5,238 down to 3,661.  Hospitalizations have gone from 217 to 186.  The death toll now stands at 1104.

Please keep on taking good care of yourselves, and each other.  Be careful out there.  The numbers are encouraging, but there is still work to do.

Keep well.

~Representative Lucy Weber



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  1. Jack Neary 02/08/2021 at 8:40 AM Reply

    That is for sure! And who can make sense Of it?

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