Library Trustees Meeting Minutes – 2/9/21

Conducted on “Zoom”                           February 9, 2021                           

Present were: Gail Lahaise, Amy Howard, Kate Nerrie, Jean Kobeski, Susan Johnson, Tim Lester, Jane Malmberg, Peggy Pschirrer, Shirley Capron.   Absent: Jeanne Ramey. 

The Meeting commenced at 4:30 p.m. with Amy doing a roll call of Board members present with a show of hands, and a declaration of attending by themselves alone from each member.    

Approval of Minutes:  The following corrections were made with Kathy’s and Jane’s verbal reports:   

    Treasurer’s Report:  As already approved, Kathy still may move some of the extra money in the Checking Account to the Town’s Account so that the Library will get more interest on its money. 

    Bills: Kathy said the bill from Jenn Burr is for work done last fall.  It is a lot of money but most of the invoice was for new plants and shrubs that she bought. 

     Branch:  Jane said that at the Branch presently, because of the size of the space, it is safe to open for Curbside Service now because of the Pandemic and she did not feel that opening for curbside would be beneficial for patrons. 

Tim moved, Sue seconded, all approved (7-0) the Minutes with corrections. 

Treasurer’s Report:, Kathy had e-mailed the Jan. 2021 report to all Board members.  She noted that since we did not receive Jenn Burr’s bill for work done last year until after the new year, it will appear that we will be over budget in landscaping for 2021, but it evens out because we are under budget in 2020. 

  She said, going forward, we need to make sure vendors get bills to us for work done in the current year by Dec. 1, if possible. 

Bills:   Jane had e-mailed her January ’21 Bills Report to all.  She mentioned the largest amount of $6,016 for New Computers. Also, about the shared subscriptions with the Plainfield Library, remarking that periodicals do get checked out.    She said that subscriptions to the “New York Times” and “Keene Sentinel” have been paused, and that she does not know if the “New York Times” subscription costing $2,000 on-line would get that much use.  She could pick up the Sunday paper at Jake’s instead and it would save on delivery costs. 

 Gail moved, Tim seconded, all approved (7-0) the Treasurer’s and Bills’ reports. 

Old Business:  Jane said she goes to Select Board and Public Services Meetings.  Not much was mentioned about the Library – mostly about Warrant articles.  The Town will provide Broadband service for the Library. Sue asked about Health Insurance in the budget.  Jane said hers is covered thru her husband’s.  Sue also asked why there is a listing of repairs for the Library.  Peg said the money noted there is to go to the Branch.  Jane said there were no questions on the 2020-2021 Budget. 

Plaques:  Gail questioned the disposition of the plaques. Amy said, after talking to Jeanne re, another source for them may be considered and she recommends moving on.  Jeanne, Amy and Gail will address the issue. 

New Business:  Jane had e-mailed her “February Update Library Report” and “January 202l Stats” to all.  Because of the Pandemic, there still is Express and Curb Side Service.  Jane added that it is too soon to open up because of the new COVID variant.  For home-bound patrons, there is more than one volunteer to assist.  Re, Jane does an article for the “Clarion.”  Gail suggested, and Jane agreed, putting info in it about Home Delivery Service. Amy suggested adding more information about COVID.  Jane said it is on the Library’s Facebook page. 

– Programs:   Jane said for the Virtual Bake-Off, nine cakes are had, and to look on the Website to vote.  

– A volunteer, Andrea Vickers-Sivret, will conduct a IEP (Independent Education Plan) workshop on Zoom in March.  Amy said to send her a Thank You note afterwards. 

– Staff Evaluations:  Jane met with two staff (narrative form conducted) and will be done with evaluations by the end of the month.   

–  There will be a “No Cost Training” opportunity on-line from ALA for staff. 

– Staff Sick Leave Policy was discussed at length: Issues of “Unused,” “Accruing,” and  “Pooling.”   In questioning the Town’s Sick Leave Policy, Peg said the Library is different and should set up its own Sick Leave Policy.  Jane said she would feel more comfortable having the Board vote on the adopted Policy.  Sue and Amy indicated Fred Ernst must have been involved previously and to confer with him re.  Amy said she will contact him.  Jean described a paper that Fall Mt. School provided about their Policy, adding that she will see what the School is doing presently and report on it at the March meeting.   

– An e-mail was received from Nancy Shepard’s nephew re a gift to the Library from her estate, but we don’t know the amount yet. Amy recommended talking to him re the gift.  Jane said she will call him.  

Branch:   Jane said that the books are still being worked on and that they are half-way done.  She is waiting to hear re the budget in order to make improvements. Because of Peggy’s strong recommendation, the Commissioners are being asked to consider a Lease. (Amy sent a letter to the North Walpole Commissioners to give an update on what is happening at the Branch). 

– Gail inquired about the extra electrical outlets needed at the Branch and Peggy said she asked about them in a letter to the Commissioners.  Some of the money in the 2021 budget is for improvements like outlets.  Peggy mentioned that the Town is willing to split the costs with the owners of the building.  

Building & Grounds:  Jane talked to Houghton’s Service about the needed exterior light replacement.  She took pictures of it and will take them to Aubuchon’s Hardware re.  Amy said she will talk to her electrician about the light, and Gail recommended talking to Lil DeCoste because she has one in her yard like it. 

Technology:  What to do with the Library’s old computers was questioned.  Brad knows of a place in Keene that will destroy their hard drives and recycle the computers. Jane said she will take care of the issue. 

Friends:  Jane met with Carole Malnati of the Friends re books at the ReUse Center, and asked her to get volunteers for a couple of months to help.  Presently there are plastic bins with lid covers and they can be put outside for recycling.  Jane added that it all seems to be working well. 

Personnel:  Jean said the Personnel Committee needs another member. She explained the procedure of evaluations. Sue offered to join the Committee.   Jean said it is hard to meet physically, so it could be done on Facetime or Zoom   Amy offered to set up Zoom concerning. 

The next Library Board meeting date in March will change to the 16th because of the Town Meeting to take place on the same day the previous week. 

With no further business to address, Gail moved, Tim seconded, all approved (7-0) to adjourn with a show of hands. 

Faithfully submitted, 

Shirley Capron, Secy. 

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