Who’s Running?

When I did the os about Candidates NightI was asked, “How do we know who is running?” Good question I was unable to answer then,but I can now. – Lil

For the Town:

Town of Walpole

1​Selectman​​ 3-yr term​ Peggy L. Pschirrer

1​Town Clerk/Tax Collector​ 3-yr term​ Meghan Hansson

1​Trustee of Trust Funds​ 3-yr term​ Carol E. Malnati

2​ Zoning Board of Adjustment ​ 3-yr term. Pauline Barnes​

​ Thomas Murray

2​ Planning Board. ​3-yr term​ Joanna Andros

​ Jeffrey Miller

1​ Planning Board. ​2-yr term​ Bill Carmody

​ Trevor MacLachlan

1​ Cemetery Trustee​ 3-yr term​ Linda F. Edkins

3​ Library Trustee​ 3-yr term​ Amy Howard

​ Jeanne Ramey

​ Bill Ranauro

1​ Library Trustee​ 1-yr term​ Timothy Lester

For the School Board:

1 At Large 3-yr Term. Michael Herrington

Timothy Fitzpatrick

1Walpole 3-yr Term. Wiliam Stahl

Craig Vickers

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