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If you are a Follower and read the Zoning Board Minutes, you know that they have started the process to look into, if and what, the Town should do about Short Term Rental properties. They are looking for public input and this is how you can do it. – Lil

What do you think about short-term rentals?

Short-term rentals are becoming more and more popular, and because they have caused problems for some NH towns, Walpole’s attorney has recommended that we address short-term rentals in our Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Board of Adjustment is beginning to work on this, and we need input from Walpole residents.

Short-term rentals (think AirBnB and the like) are rentals to overnight guests, usually for 1-30 days. A short-term rental may be one or more rooms rented out by someone in their own residence. It may be a brief rental of a house while the owners vacation elsewhere.

However, many short-term rentals are in houses that are rented out year-round to tourists and other visitors, but the owner does not live there, and may not even live in the same state.

Please tell us how you feel about short-term rentals.

How much oversight do you think there should be? Why?

Do you have any particular concerns: for the town, the neighbors, or the renters? For the short-term rental operators?

Should short-term rentals be allowed in all zoning districts? In some zoning districts?

Do you think owner occupied short-term rentals should be treated differently than non-owner occupied ones?

Would you like to have a chance to voice your concerns before a short-term rental opened next door to you?

Please email the ZBA chair, Jan Galloway-Leclerc with your thoughts and concerns regarding short-term rentals and Walpole’s role in regulating them.

For anyone who wants to speak to the ZBA, the board meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. The Zoom information can be found on the agenda, which is posted publicly about a week before each meeting.

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