From Billy Stahl

On behalf of residents of Walpole and the Fall Mountain District, I would like to send a big thank you to Billy and his family. I understand and appreciate the hours and commitment to education and all it means for our future. – Lil

Greetings fellow Walpoleans and residents of the Fall Mountain Regional School District.

    Congratulations to Craig Vickers for winning the election for the position of Fall Mountain Regional School Board Representative Residing in Walpole. I enjoyed participating in a clean race and a fair election. I also enjoyed the time spent with him and his parents outside the town hall on election day. I wish him good luck during his upcoming term. He will certainly prove to be a credit to our town and school district. 

    My thanks to Principals Jacobs and Cassarino, as well as the other school administrators. It’s been a pleasure to work with you. To Superintendent Landry, Chief Financial Officer Fenn, Misty Bushee and all the rest of the members of the SAU staff, I have appreciated your patience and professionalism. You taught me so very much. It has also been an honor to work with my fellow school board members. You demonstrated the dedication and creativity necessary to guide our district through several of the most tumultuous years yet faced by our cooperative. 

    Finally, I would like to thank all of the residents of the Fall Mountain Regional School District, particularly the residents of Walpole, for allowing me to represent you on our school board. You have shown a passionate commitment to our schools and it has been an honor to serve you.

Good luck to all in the years ahead,

Billy Stahl

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